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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Work Basket Wednesday

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day!  Today, I am linking up with Christine Reeve at Autism Classroom News for Workbasket Wednesday.  On the first of every month, Christine hosts this link party to share some great ideas for independent work tasks.  This week's theme seems to be Easter, and more specifically eggs!  Christine and Gabrielle from Teaching Special Thinkers have some great ideas for using plastic eggs.  Make sure to check them out!  I do have some egg tasks to share, but am sharing more of the Easter tasks my students have been doing for the last two weeks.

First up are some sorting tasks.  I use a lot of different sorting tasks in my independent work area as most of my students have mastered this skill.  For my Easter sorting tasks, I have used some plastic bunnies I found at the dollar store, plastic eggs and mini erasers.  We had the foam bunnies in our craft cupboard, which I used as sorting mats.  I found the coloured bowls at Dollarama and the coloured baskets are from an egg dyeing kit.

Next, I made some simple put in tasks for my youngest student.  He doesn't have a lot of skills yet, so we need some really easy tasks for him.  I found the bunny in the top photo at Walmart.  It's actually a cup and came with a straw, but I took the straw out and the hole at the top is perfect for these small pompoms we had in our craft cupboard.  I've had the eggs and tray in the bottom photo for a couple of years now and they are great for a different type of put in activity.

I also made this simple task for him, which involves using the spoon to transfer the eggs from one bowl to another.

I also made some assembly tasks, using plastic eggs.  In the first task, the students have to put the hair elastics in the corresponding egg. I found these eggs with the hair elastics already in them at the Dollar Tree.  I love it when I find pre-made tasks!  In the second task, students have to put the eraser in the matching egg.  And in the third task, students match the halves of the egg and put them together.

The next tasks that I have to share today are using Bingo Dauber pages from DLTK-Kids.  I love that this site has pages for all kinds of themes and holidays, and that I can use them several different ways.  In the photo on the right, students simply put the pom poms in the dots, matching the colours.  In the photo on the left, I put alphabet stickers in the dots and students have to find and cover the letter /E/ with bingo chips.

The last task involves decorating Easter eggs, following the model in the photo.  I have four different decorated egg tasks, but I only took a photo of one.  These tasks are made with magnetic pieces that I found at Dollarama years ago.

What's in your workbasket or independent work tasks this week?  I'd love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment or send me an email!  

And don't forget to come back tomorrow to celebrate Autism Awareness Day!  I am participating in a giveaway that you won't want to miss!  Some awesome special education teachers are joining together to give you the chance to win a $50 TPT gift card!  Come back tomorrow for all of the details!

Until then,

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