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Friday 22 July 2016

Friday Favourites!

With summer vacation in full swing, I have had lots of time to reflect.  Time to reflect on my teaching, my classroom, my blog and my TPT store.  I have neglected my poor little blog this past school year, but I am determined to change that starting now.  I am committing to myself, and to you, to write a blog post at least once a week.  In order to achieve this goal and not become bored, I am going to introduce some new series and participate in some linky parties. Today I am starting off a new series called "Friday Favourites".  At least, one Friday a month, I am going to post my 5 favourites for that month.  I am going to keep it fresh by mixing up the themes.  Some Fridays, it will be my favourite Pinterest Pins, some Fridays it will be my favourite blog posts, and some Fridays it will be my favourite TPT resources.  Some Fridays will have a theme, let's be honest, most Fridays will have a theme!  I love to organize by theme!!!   Whatever the theme, I promise you I will be sharing some amazing ideas, tips and resources.  To start off the series, today I am going to share 5 of my favourite TPT resources for back to school.

1)  Teaching Special Thinkers' Back to School Easy Art

I love these Easy Art kits!  It makes planning for art class so much easier!  Gabrielle includes the templates (which I like to laminate for easy re-use) and step by step visual instructions for the students to follow.  You can incorporate so many skills into these activities!  That's why they are a must have in my classroom.

2)  From Mrs. D's Corner, the Editable Parent Handbook


I love all of the information that is included in this handout and that I can edit it!  This is going to make so much easier to get all of the necessary information to my students' parents and they can just hang it on their fridge for easy access.  Plus it's so darn cute!!!

3)  Especially Education's Helpful Handouts for Special Education

I love the variety of handouts included in this resource!  Plus the pages for student information and phone logs are going to come in super handy!  There is a lot packed into this resource and the price is fantastic!  

4)  From Autism Adventures, the All About Me Interactive Book

This book is perfect for back to school and teaching/ reviewing students' personal information.  There's a ton included and it will be great for working on communication skills and self awareness.  This is definitely a must have for my students!

5)  The Cat Says Meow's Vocab Flip Books

I love that these books are made with real photos.  It's hard to find vocabulary cards that are made with photos that don't cost a fortune.  This is one of the few exceptions!  I also love the number of categories included.  This is going to make assessing and teaching vocabulary so much easier and better!

Thanks for stopping by for my first Friday Favourites post!  I hope you found this useful, but if you are still looking for some more resources for back to school, you can also hop over to my TPT store, where I also have some resources!  My Back to School Basic Skills Activity Pack and interactive books are already prepped for my classroom for the first day of school!  You can get them by clicking on the pics below!

If you have any must have resources for the beginning of the school year, I'd love to hear what they are!  Drop me a comment below!  And if you have any topics/themes for the Friday Favourites, or any other topic you would like to know more about, please let me know!  

Until next time,

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