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Sunday 1 February 2015

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to my first Sunday Share!  Every Sunday, I will share resources that I have found and use in my classroom.  Today, I am going to share some of my top five websites for free online and printable materials.

Boardmaker Online  

If you use Boardmaker to make visual supports, social stories, adapted books, or learning activities for your classroom, then you need to check out this website!  Membership is free and once you are a member, you can download a number of pre-made items that have been uploaded by other users.  You can search by subject, grade level or keyword to find exactly what you are looking for.  Before downloading, make sure you have the correct file type to match the Boardmaker software you use, i.e., Boardmaker Studio, Boardmaker Plus, etc.

Geneva Centre's E-Learning Site

This site is operated by the Geneva Centre for Autism and offers a bank of visual supports made with Boardmaker symbols that you can print directly from the site, without needing to use any Boardmaker software.  You can also save the file as an image to your computer.  

File Folder Fun

This is a great site with a ton of different free printable teaching materials, including file folder games, math and science tools.  You can search by grade and theme and the site even offers tips for storage and easy assembly of the games.

Preschool Mom

This is a great site with a ton of different printables for preschool and kindergarten students organized by theme.  It includes charts, worksheets, mini books and games.  Some of the themes include alphabet, shapes, colours, numbers, days of the week, holidays and more!

Teachers Pay Teachers

If you have not been to this website, GO NOW!  This website has saved me SOOOO much time!  It has thousands of worksheets, books, visual supports, social stories, craftivities and much, much more.  Everything is made by teachers for teachers.  There are a lot of free items, but there are also a lot for a low cost.  You can search by grade, subject, or keyword.  And today, a seller called the Bender Bunch is offering these Valentine's Day resources for free!  Click on the link to get them!

So, grab a cup of tea and spend some time exploring these sites!  You won't regret it!  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this snowy night!

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