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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Workbasket Wednesday

I am linking up at Christine Reeve's blog, Autism Classroom News for her Workbasket Wednesday.  To see all of the other great ideas, click on the image above.  Today's post is going to be short and sweet as I am tired and still have a bit of work to do to prepare for tomorrow.  I follow Pinterest and find so many great ideas and resources there.  If you are a teacher, EA, therapist or parent and you are not on Pinterest, you really need to be!  Today's work task come from a freebie I found on Pinterest.

This is all you need to make 16 different work tasks!  I love it when I find ideas like this!  I picked these up at the dollar store and cost a total of $2 (plus tax).

Then I downloaded those pattern cards for free from the Memorizing the Moments blog.

The set includes 16 pattern cards.  Students simply copy the pattern on the cards.

After making these, I still had several blocks and popsicle sticks left, which I will use to make other simple independent work tasks.  Take a look at all of the assembled bags!  Actually, this is just half of the bags!

Quick, easy and cheap to make!  My favourite kind of work task!  For more ideas on easy independent work tasks, follow my Pinterest board on Independent Work Activities.  And be sure to check out my Independent Work System Starter Kit for help with setting up your own independent work station in you classroom.  Click on the image to view the product listing.

What's in your workbaskets this week?  I'd you love to hear about any resources or ideas you have!  email me or leave me a comment below.

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